February Flowers

Flame of the Forest
Flame of the Forest

Living in a city with your mad-rush-to-be-there attitude where do you have the time and the eye to appreciate the snatches of colour Nature puts on display.  I’m talking of the seasonal flowers which are on show on a tree at the roadsides or in the neighbourhood park.  We would better check the blooms in a flower show, instead.

Why am I writing this? Because last Sunday while on my way to my farm I chanced upon scores of  bright red Palash or Flame of the Forest trees. And today I chanced upon Purple Bauhinias on roadsides and even some peeping out from gated walls.

I was introduced to Purple Bauhinias some three years back and was so besotted with the flower’s beauty that I planted some in my farm to please visitors in February.  The Purple Bauhinia or Geranium Tree (B. purpurea) is similar in appearance to the Mountain Ebony but the flowers are mauve, lilac and deep rose or whitish in appearance.

The Bauhinia flower resembles an orchid.  In Orchid Tree (Bauhinia variegata) the petals are narrower and do not overlap while the petals of Bauhinia variegata are broad and overlap.  Though native to India no State has come forward to claim it as its own. That’s really sad.

Do keep your keep your open for Nature’s damsels. 


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