Fruiting tree and fragrance


Do fruiting trees give off a fragrance?
I had never thought of it until this Sunday when I ventured under my seven-year-old Jackfruit tree which had several tiny fruits hanging from the branches and couple of big ones too. I could sense a wafting sweetness. No, it didn’t smell like a ripe jackfruit but something totally different. I am unable to identify the fragrance but I did see tiny insects flying all around the tree, having arrived to taste the olfactory cocktail around.
jackA fruiting tree does produce a positive smell telling out bodies what is good to eat and what we should avoid. For the connection between smell, emotion and taste is important for the continuation of fruit to thrive. Fruits have evolved to spread their seed by luring animals who will carry their seeds away. They do so with their appealing smells, bright colours, and textures, and in anticipation that we would throw their seeds back into the soil.


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