A journalist by profession I have been interested in farming since long. Owning a farm has given me the opportunity to practice farming techniques gathered from professionals, experts and practitioners. Like traditional farmers, agriculturists, scientists, horticulturists etc. The blog attempts to share issues related to farming, the problems I have encountered and the solutions I developed.

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    1. hiraman

      hello kuru,
      do keep in touch. there is so much to learn about farming, i’m just a beginner. fortunate that i have access to experts.

  1. Sudarshan Srinivas

    Loved every bit of your posts. Am myself a remote, blundering but passionate farmer. Suchit Nanda put me on to this blog and am so happy. Liked your “Experiments with Truth”. Would love to know more about your farm and your learnings. and will come back here again

  2. Rahul Pujari

    Hi ,
    I have become interested in vermiculture and growing my own plants since the last year or so .. My interest in worms grew after i found a few worms in a tulsi plant gifted to me. unfortunately those worms did not survive long . I have trying for the last eight months to get in touch with people for earthworms but been unsuccessful so far. Do you know anyone in and around mumbai who would be ready to sell earthworms and also vermiculture.. Please let me know , i would really appreciate some help .. Also is it possible to see your farm. Thank you 🙂


    Dear Hiraman

    First of all Congrats for such a useful site.
    I have a jackfruit tree which is around 25 ft tall and 7years old in my backyard but it has not started giving fruits.Please suggest the remedy.Thanx

    1. hiraman

      dear paramvir
      here is a suggestion which you could try. dig up the soil, three feet away from the plant at a depth of 2 ft and introduce organic fertiliser which includes bone meal, neem cake, leather etc. mixed with farmyard manure and leave it to nature. Godrej makes such a fertiliser. see if the trick plays. i hope it does.

  4. mahindra

    Hi Hiraman,

    Impressed with information about Spiny Gourd. can you help me find seeds and some information on how to cultivate.

    1. hiraman

      hello mahindra
      Kantola or Spiny Gourd grows wild during the monsoon.i have also been trying to acquire the seeds but without any success. try ICAR. if you do come across the seeds do tell me too.

      1. Gautam Bhagat

        I am motivated by your blog. I quit my job to pursue farming though have yet to begin. Have bought all books of Subhash Palekar and have listened to his videos too. Would like to meet you and visit your farm.

    1. hiraman

      hello anand
      I’m out of town and am not sure whether i will be able make it to my farm this sunday. moreover i don’t think there is much to see now. do come once the monsoon sets in. thanks for writing.

  5. fernandes

    hi hiraman. m for the past 2 yrs i have been very interested in growing fruit plants specially custard apples , papays n mangoes.as of now have grown about 20 kinds of plants. wud really love to learn about grafting too. do u know of any short term courses or someone whos intersted in teaching the methods??? wud await ur reply. thanks

    1. hiraman

      Dear Fernandes
      Don’t know where are you from. Guessed from Maharashtra. I may be wrong. Check out Amrite’s Nursery. They run a two-day course on grafting. It is located At Gavhe,Taluka Dapoli,District Ratnagiri, Maharashtra 415712, ph: 09422052095/9892806526, alt: 02358282315, sales@nisargasahavas.com

  6. This is a nice blog. The template design is pleasing and most of the content is useful. I would have had greater respect for you though if you didn’t write anonymously, and accepted comments that disagreed with you. My last comment pointing out incorrect and misleading statements in one of your posts was removed without just cause. This is an autocratic way of functioning and really a loss for your readers who fail to get the benefit from diversity of audience, views and insights.

    1. hiraman

      Dear Manu
      Thanks for visiting the blog and saying those good words. Didn’t approve your earlier comment because I found it irrelevant to the post.

      1. (second attempt to post this comment – first attempt was deleted again)

        And how did you get the idea it was irrelevant? You made misleading statements in the post “Is it nutritious” – I just pointed out they were less than accurate.

  7. R.Y.M

    I came to your blog while googling for help with a papaya tree growing in a bucket on the french window of our flat. With the minimal resources it has, it gratified me growing to nearly 5ft before it was gradually attacked ( I thought it was some kind of sap) by the wooly mealy bugs. How can I source the natural pest ctrl (parasitoid) here in Mumbai? Any other solution to be used on a small scale?

    1. hiraman

      You can control mealy bugs with a mixture of cow urine and sour butter milk. Or cow urine and tamarind water. Need to spray three times a day. I’m sure it will work.

      1. R.Y.M

        Thanks for the hope. I’ll get ‘Gomutra’ from an ayurvedic shop. Incidentally, from sour( buttermilk and tamarind) I was wondering /maybe I must’ve read it somewhere – does vinegar also do the job? Secondly how does boric acid powder work with plant pests

  8. Bhavesh Somani

    Hello, I have read some of your blog entries. I wounder, how can non farmer can become farmer. I am curious as I am looking forward to do farming as a Hobby OR rather as a profession. I am not sure.

    Please guide me as how can I keep up my professional life & start this alternative life of farmer. Please advise your contact details

  9. Hi Hiraman,
    Had discovered your blog (don’t remember how) few months ago, and read it completely. I myself am trying to move full time to a village( from Hyderabad) and practice natural farming. Had been to couple of natural farms. My search for affordable land for the past three years has not given any results yet. Everytime, something looks promising and a done deal before either the greed of the seller or some other factor dampens it. Even this time, my eyes are set on a 1.5 acre land. Since your farm is of similar proportions, your journey inspires and attracts me more. My goal is to live of the land in 3 or 4 years after start(with few exceptions). I don;t know if I can ever visit your farm, but I hope to get some help in the form of seeds, guidance and the like. I know, a visit will make the picture clearer, but don’t know if that happens.

    You inspire!!!


    1. hiraman

      thanks for dropping by and writing a comment.living off a farm, I don’t see a possibility. though people tell me its possible and doable. I’m waiting for that to happen.don’t be taken in by my prose which i am good, thanks to my writing skills. i have still a long way to go as a farmer. still consider myself as a novice.

      1. Living off a farm depends on many factors. It is possible and it is not too!! I am more attracted to your farming journey rather than your prose 😉 Congratulations on your privilege to eat food grown by you and cooked lovingly. Few people get that chance.

  10. Shrikant

    Hello Hiraman,
    what a beautiful and informative blogposts you have. I come from a farming background and enjoy reading about farming. Currently stuck in rat race here in USA but soon I will be back in my village working in the soil, growing flowers and fruits. I am very hopeful that your blogs will keep me entertaining and teaching. I would like to visit your farm someday

    1. hiraman

      Hello Shrikant
      Thanks for stopping at my blog, reading the posts and writing that you liked them. It feels nice. Let me admit my farm isn’t an Eden as of now but reading the posts one would feel that its one (Though I dream it will become one in the coming years). Writing comes easy to me as I’m a journalist and being one I write is what I’ve experienced.You are welcome to my farm any day.

  11. Lawrence F. Vincent

    Hi Hiraman,
    I am a small time author and religious teacher. My compliments on your impressive farming. You have posted the photo of a fig tree with abundant fruits. I would like to use the photo on the front cover of my forthcoming book AGAPE: THE DIVINIZING LOVE. May I have your kind permission please.

    hopeful regards
    Lawrence F. Vincent
    Pen-name PITCHARAN

  12. Pranbihanga

    Dear Hiraman. Please share your email id with me. I wanted to reach out to you on your private email regarding a proposal. Thanks

  13. Venetia Ansell

    Great to see your blog here. We also hope to become weekend farmers soon (www.svargaonearth.wordpress.com) and interested ion learning as much as we can.

  14. Hello kindred spirited Earth Care people.

    I would like to include information about the Natueco farming science in the book I am writing.
    This book is about tiny kit houses that can help make soil more fertile! Truly!
    I and my colleagues have spent over 10 years perfecting it.

    Should you decide to respond, your doing so will be happily received.
    Tim Black Eagle Watson

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