Moringa Harvest

It’s been over a week since I saw the Moringa twins at the western edge of my farm plot, loaded with fruits. Called Drum Stick in English, it’s known as Sajnedata in Bangla which the locals know as Senga (Marathi). A must ingredient in sambar, Moringas, all over the country has fruited. Signalling to us: pluck us before we become seeds.

Mangal atop a Moringa
Mangal atop a Moringa
I had planted them in July 2009 and till last year the Moringas fruits were reachable. One could pluck them easily. But not now. Both have gained a height of 20ft. plus or so. Craning my neck with the sun shining on my eyes I was wondering as how to pluck the sticks?
Mangal, by then had arrived and stood beside me. Having sensed my predicament, he gave me a look which meant “Don’t worry.” Leaving his slippers behind, he leaped and climbed the tree. On reaching the top-most branch–he one loaded with fruits–he shook it holding it with both hands. No sooner he had done that the fruits came down in a shower: put, put, put… at times hitting us.
We ended up collecting scores of them. Having reached home I counted the harvest: 102 pieces.
As I write this post I’m simultaneously having my lunch—roti along with senga-bharta.


6 thoughts on “Moringa Harvest

  1. Hi Sunday Farmer,

    I have been reading your blogs for quite some time now.
    There are 2 reasons
    1> we share our interests
    2> you write well…….congrats

    I understand your farmhouse is at Murbad. I too have a plan to invest in a farm house there.

    Can you help me?

    Thanks in anticipation

    Rajesh Ananthakrishnan

    1. hiraman

      Thanks for writing. My farm is in Badlapur. I can spread the word but I need to caution you that farms have become extremely expensive, at least in and around Badlapur because the local municipality has included lot of gaothans recently under it. You can try in Maurbad area.

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