Flower Memory

Such occurrence doesn’t happen often. At least I haven’t seen it in my decade of watching the natural world. I also believe that a decade is a mere blink.  In the second week of  February, I had made several cuttings of Gliricidia, the green manure tree, and put them in nursery bags. So that they would get ready for plantation before the monsoon appears.

In the first week of March, I came across flowers which have appeared from the cuttings. The episode was timed with the flowering of Gliricidia. A clear indication that the cutting (branch) instilled the memory of flowering. And when the mother plant bloomed the cutting too flowered.
I haven’t seen this happen in any plants I have worked with. Isn’t it a miracle of nature? I think so. If you’ve come across such miracles I would like to hear from you.


One thought on “Flower Memory

  1. It is Natural. Happens in all vegetatively propagated plants …. Bamboo is a very famous example … All bamboo plants derived from a mother plant flower at the same time…Irrespective whether they are few or over a thousand …Whether they are close by or separated by a few hundred kilometers. By the way, Bamboo plant flowers only once in its life time and that time is around 60 years.

    Based on the flowering behaviour, some plants are termed long day plants and some others are termed short day plants … Which means unless the plants are exposed to those many hours of light they would not flower. …. These dark and light hours induce formation of plant hormones… in olden days the scientists named it Florigen … But could not isolate it.. Now they understand that it is not one chemical, rather it is a combination of various growth promoting and retarding substances which when at a particular level induce the plant to flower.

    In this case, the branch went through light and dark cycles (day and night times) along with the mother tree.

    These cycles induced development of a combination of plant hormones collectively known as ‘Florigen’. When the branch was cut, it already had that combination in it. When the time came the mother plant and the daughter plant flowered together … But Natural.

    The short day and long day are farmer’s terms. Scientists searching for Florigen have found that actually it is the length of dark hours which matter most … So the short day plants are long night plants and long day plants are short night plants … If the night is interrupted with artificial light the former do not flower. … And if the latter are given more darkness than required they do not flower.

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