Welcoming The Hummingbird Tree

Come rains, sorry monsoon because it’s a season, we, farmer colleagues, ask each other: What are you planting this time?

HadgaThough our plot sizes are limited we all look forward to the monsoon to take care of the vacant spots. Besides we want to create a biodiverse universe of our own. Either we plant a sapling which we acquired some time back or grow our own saplings. Last year I had acquired seeds of Hadga (Sesbania grandiflora) from a group in Bangalore, specialising in heirloom seeds. They are called Sahaja Seeds. I had sowed the seeds in the bag when the monsoon in peak. They sprouted; the seedlings were around six inches but were soon eaten away by a pest.

So this time I sowed the seeds a fortnight prior to the rains. Interestingly, all the saplings survived. After they were feet in height I planted them. Most have survived.

I’m told it will take nearly a year to flower. The flower made into fritters is a delicacy among Bongs. In fact, a Bong will pay a handsome amount to acquire flowers of Hadga, called Bak Phool in Bangla.

Among ruminants such as cattle and goats, Hadga leaves are a favourite. The leaves are a good source of green manure too. The reason, I planted them in the first place.


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