Experiencing Nature-Made

Being in the midst of nature can bring the child in you, I was witness to this phenomenon recently when a group of five, residing in Badlapur housing societies, visited my farm. But for one who was in her mid-twenties, the rest were in their mid and past 30s. However, the way they behaved moving around snapping a not-so-green turmeric leaf, crushing it between their fingers and smelling it and announcing, “The aroma is soooooooo strong”; tripping on the stones hidden under fallen twigs and branches, marveling on the dew drops on the leaves of a custard apple tree, caressing a banana bunch, watching the canopy of a jacaranda tree or inquiring about the identity of a particular plant.  Like kids who have entered a world unknown to them, discovering things new; something never seen or touched before.

c360_2016-11-26-11-06-15-141Living in the urban jungles we have created around us we rarely take the effort to escape it. For taking an effort means putting oneself at risk. The risk of the unknown.  Our urban existence has kept us away from the profound impact a “nature walk” can have on us.

Once nature surrounds you and you give in to her charms you lose track of time and place. You suddenly become free to ponder on life in its purest form. Away from the man-made world, you’re in the midst of nature-made. In a situation where you’re reminded that life is fleeting. What was green and living once is brown now and soon will become part of the soil you stand upon.

As you lie stretched on the ground and look up at the fleeting clouds you realise that nothing is permanent, but perhaps that’s what makes life so precious. I think that’s the reason why we all love views of the water, sunrises and sunsets, mountain ranges, etc.

Our man-made and man-centered world is so limited unlike the life outdoors. The number of trees around you; shapes of leaves; the insect types; the different contours of rocks and stones. It would take scores of a lifetime to know and experience the diversity around. As you delve deeper you comprehend that though there is chaos around it still exists in harmony. Chaotic harmony, I would say.

All these can make you humble and makes you recognise the fact we need to learn from it too.

Note: You can commune with Nature provided your mobile is off.


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