Dews of November

As I reach my banana grove to hack the dry leaves drops of water fall on my head like a shower and I’m soaked. They run like a rivulet down my head on my glasses.

Tup..tup..tup they fall all over upon the dead leaves and the branches spread below. As the banana leaves are broad and long too they look like rain drops. The dew drops on the leaves of the custard apple (sitaphal) tree shine as the sunlight kisses it. Numerous diamonds on a green carpet!

c360_2016-09-04-08-00-44-127It’s November and the mornings are pretty cold and so are the nights here in Chon. Moreso because the river is close by. You can see the steam rising from the water’s surface and scuttle around.

As minutes pass by I sit calmly  watching the sun playing hide and seek among the leaves, try identifying the bird call and enraptured by the noise of tup…tip…tup.. all around me.


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