‘Nualgi superior, cheaper method to do farming’

Way back in 1993, T. Sampath Kumar, a qualified chartered accountant started a venture to make prawn seeds.  Intrigued, how the marine food chain developed and helped the growth of the fishes in the oceans he identified and cultivated diatoms—a major group of algae which are among the most common types of phytoplankton that provide more than 50% of the marine food chain. Over the next 12 years he relentlessly pursued research on diatoms and finally discovered that the algae produced vast amount of pure oxygen underwater by the process of photosynthesis.

Growing diatom algae in water in large quantities is a difficult proposition. That’s what Nualgi does. Developed by Sampath, Nualgi can grow diatom algae on almost any water substrate be it the sea, high saline water, fresh water, sewage water, effluent water etc.

In 2005, Kumar founded Nualgi Nanobiotech, a Bangalore-based company to manufacture nanotech products for growing diatoms for aquaculture. Nualgi contains trace, special and appropriate nutrients that can deliver in a biologically available form. Upon application to the water body in the presence of macro nutrients, like N, P, K and sunlight, phytoplankton predominately in the form of diatoms, bloom and is soon converted to live food like zooplankton, a source of nutrition to fishes and prawns.

T Sampath Kumar
T Sampath Kumar

Holder of three patents, Sampath’s bouquet of products which are exported to 15 countries include ‘Nualgi Lakes’ used for remediation of polluted water bodies, ‘Nualgi Aqua’ used in fisheries for growth of diatoms and zoo plankton in water bodies serving as food for aquatic animals and ‘Nualgi Foliar Spray’ used for boosting the efficiency of photosynthesis, providing high quality crops with greater yields and importantly doing away with chemical fertlisers and pesticides. Sundayfarmer spoke to T Sampath Kumar (60) on the efficacy of Nualgi Foliar Spray and how it’s likely to revolutionise the way we produce nutrient rich food, sans fertilizers  

What does ‘Nualgi’ stand for? Does the name have any significance?

When we started with the development of the marine food chain we started growth of a new type of algae, called Diatoms. This was a new type of algae. Hence we coined the term Nualgi. It is just a coined term.


How does Nualgi foliar spray work? What’s the science behind it?

Nualgi foliar spray delivers about 12 nutrients loaded on silica in the nano form directly to the chlorophyll of a leaf through the stomata. This package of nutrients helps boost the photosynthesis of a plant. Plants absorb more CO2 and make a liquid carbon pathway that is excreted through the roots to the soil as Oozuates. This helps soil microorganisms grow. They symbiotically deliver all nutrients from the soil and fix nitrogen from the air. This process is termed as Biomining. Instead of nutrients being made in factories outside, the soil microbes are the factories in the soil that deliver all nutrients to the plants.

In what crops has Nualgi been tried and do tell us about the responses from the farmers.

We have tested in all cereals, vegetables, tea, coffee, pepper, cardamom, oil seeds and horticulture crops. In fact, almost all type of crops. The results are very good with yields increasing by 20% to 100%, reduction of time of growth by 20% and better quality of crops. There are plenty of farmers in Hasan and Ramnagara districts of Karnataka who can vouch for our method.

When should the Nualgi foliar spray be used and how many times in a fruit/ vegetable crops?

For field crops 3 to 4 times spraying in the early morning on both sides of the leaves is recommended. For vegetables spraying time is reduced to 8-15 days. For horticulture crops we recommend 4to 5 times a year.

How does Nualgi impact the soil?

The liquid carbon pathway developed by using Nualgi helps soil regain their carbon contents. This helps in soil microbial growth and fertility. If no chemicals and fertilizers are added, the soil becomes more and more productive and fertile.

Do you see a future when farmers will stop using chemical fertilisers and pesticides all together?

Nualgi farming is economical and gives high yields. Farmers would definitely adopt this and stop using chemical fertilizers. Our process improves profitability of farming. The environment is saved too. As the benefits are established, even the governments will have to relook its fertiliser policy.

Organic farming which uses methods, like amrutjal and amritmiiti, popularised by Natueco, is considered very resource intensive as one needs plenty of biomass which is a deterring factor. Nualgi can be a boon for farmers who want to say ‘no to fertilisers’. In fact,  it’s an organic way of farming. Comment

Nualgi is a far superior and cheaper method to do farming as compared to other methods. We do not have any objections to people using other methods also in conjunction with ours.  Progressively farmers will realize that our method is far more efficient, yields higher quality of crops at a very nominal cost and without altering the soil biology.

For more view https://youtu.be/UFFSKgo56qo


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