As the fog descends

The fog doesn’t come so early, at least I haven’t seen it descend so soon. For the winter is still couple of months away. It’s the last week of September and I was greeted by the opaque landscape of Chon, the village which is home to my farm, this weekend. Generally, the fog appears in the month of November. Is it due to climate change? Maybe yes.


Early mornings are pleasantest here and you can see the leaf surfaces rich with dew, especially the plantain leaves. Bend the leaves a little and you can see the dews becoming one and a river flowing into your cupped palm! I didn’t let it go waste, collected them and drank them later, when the sun appeared on top of the trees.

This is the best time to visit a farm for its green all over and the ground wet with dew.


The lentils I had broadcasted all over the field in early September have sprouted. They are pencil high and are likely to flower within a fortnight or so when they will be chopped to provide nitrogen to the soil.


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