Rains in February

Clouds over my farm
Clouds over my farm
When I returned home last Sunday and told wifey how the showers had played havoc on the mango trees she gave me the look: “I told you…..”
For she had not approved of my putting the pictures of my blossoming mango trees on the blog.
Ever since the showers began on Friday I prayed I don’t know to whom because I consider myself atheist. Every hour of the day I was in constant touch with Mangal, asking: Paus Thamle Ka (Have the rains stopped)!
Hoping it would be a good harvest this year I had invited friends and colleagues to my farm. “We will have a mango utsav. You can feast on aplphonso, langda, dasehri, banganpalli, molgova, totapuri,” I had promised.
mango flowersOf the many I was sure my Dada and Boudi would come–for they had already booked their tickets in February. In fact, when they visited my farm in early January they stayed for over four hours and even made plans for a barbeque evening.
“We will stay overnight in the hut and have a barbeque,” Dada had said while we drove home.
By Monday evening I instructed Mangal to spray the mango trees with neem oil to prevent the pests which had multiplied due to humidity.
I will be lucky if I get even 20 mangoes this year! Get ready to pay a premium for your Hapus because the unseasonal showers have played dirty. This year mango lovers in Mumbai and Thane will have to suffice with Dasheri, Langda and Neelam.


One thought on “Rains in February

  1. Ji It is not only you . there were showers all over Tamil nadu & pockets Po Andhra Pradesh. As said this year we will not have a bounty crop. Ofcourse this would help to fetch premiun price.

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