Coconut Wonder

Given proper care and growing conditions coconut palms produce their first fruit in six to ten years; it takes 15-20 years to reach peak production.
What about a coconut palm variety which flowers between 24 to 30 months?
The answer: Ramganga hybrid variety.
ramgangaUmpathy Farms of Tirupur, Tamil Nadu with assistance of OVR Somasundaram, an expert in the coconut field has combined Gangabandam and West Coast tall into a D*T hybrid, called Ramganga.
According to Umapathy Farms the Ramganga hybrid variety is the perfect solution for farmers aspiring to develop a farm in which their coconut trees should deliver high nuts per palm, sweet tender coconuts, high quality copra, and high-yields of coconut oil.
Here are the features of Ramganga:
•Ideal hybrid for the purpose of commercial coconut farming
•First flowering starts anywhere between 24-30 months of planting.
•When harvested for tender coconuts, it produces 300-350 nuts per year.
•Instances of reported of more than 400 nuts per year.
•If not for tender coconut, it can yield up to 250-300 nuts per year per tree.
•Tender coconut contains 500 -750ml of coconut water.
•Copra content is around 16 -18 kgs for 100 nuts.
•The sweetest coconut water in any hybrid variety available in India.
•The growth of Ramganga is considerably low compared to that of other hybrid varieties. This makes it easy for harvest, which is the biggest headache for farmers today!
•The branches are so dense that the farmers have to spend less time in bunch tying.



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