At home with velchi

Exiting the inner room Wifey remarked, “It’s a great feeling picking up fruit from a branch and eating it.” She had a couple of them in hand and was munching on one.
velchiThe ‘branch’ was in fact, not one but a bunch of bananas hung from the ceiling with a string to hasten their riping. It’s really fun picking up fruits from a bunch rather than taking them out from a fruit bowl. That’s the pleasure of being a farmer!
It was my maiden harvest of the velchi or the elaichi variety–the saplings were gifted to me by the veteran Vasaikar and a family friend, Marcus Dabre, some two years back. (Read about my earlier post on velchi
Velchi is unique in one way. While the other varieties ripen without their skins changing much colour velchi achieves the yellow hue within a week ads if announcing ‘Yes, I am ready to be eaten.’


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