Help identify this

Can anyone help me identify this flower? I came across this bush of bright pink flowers at Mapro booth in Mahabaleshwar. So smitten was I by the flowers that I visited many nurseries in the neighbourhood to lay my hands on this plant but came away dejected.
pink flowers


5 thoughts on “Help identify this

  1. Ji
    I have posted the pic. in Organic terrace gardeners forum. You may be lucky if someone sends a reply to you direct. I was also stunned by the beauty of this flowers. Happy gardening.


  2. Sanjay

    Its Korean Azalea, common to the open grassy slopes of Korea and Japan. A low to medium shrub, it is usually evergreen but loses its leaves in colder climates. Its habit is very dense and mounding, with ovate to lance-shaped dark green leaves, 1.5-3 inches long. Fragrant, widely funnel-shaped flowers are borne in trusses of 2 to 4 blooms and are rose pink to light to medium purple. Korean Azalea is cultivated in the cooler regions of India, particularly NE India and North Indian hill stations.

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