Ms Van Tulsi

A fortnight back Mangal had pointed me to some plants he had planted between two coconut palms. Busy digging up earthworms I had not paid much attention and had totally forgotten about them. This Sunday I came across them, reaching my knees.
“Father brought them,” he told me. “They are called Van Tulsi and fetch a good price.”
van tulsiIn order to confirm I sent a pic via wat’s ups to KM. Yes, it was van tulsi. “Where did you get it,” she asked. I promised that when it seeds in March I shall deliver them to her.
The leaves of ‘Senticom Osium’ (Van Tulsi) are pale greenish-yellow in colour. The leaves have a sweet, spicy, herbaceous and slightly campherous odor.
The extracted oil from its seeds has intensely fresh, sweet-spicy herbaceous and vibrant aroma. The oil has medicinal properties and is considered excellent tonic for treatment of nervous disorders and stress related headaches. It also assists in relieving from intellectual fatigue and giving clarity to the mind. Further, the oil also assists in relieving gout through minimised uric acid in blood.


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