Half-life Paddy

For a crop which takes 120 days to mature its 60th day is a cause for celebrations, as my paddy today is. That means it has lived half its life cycle. In fact, from the day I had picked those 12-day old saplings and transplanted them on my bullocks driven plough to furrow the patch of land I had started counting the days. First week, second, third…
IMAG0851-1During my weekly visits I would take a picture on my mobile and measure their height. It was my way of keeping a logbook of my maiden paddy crop.
Today the saplings are two and half feet tall. Green and full of life; trying to reach the sky! In the meantime I have provided the growing crop with a dose of bone and flesh meal and scattered the field with leaves of Gliricidia, which will take care of its nitrogen needs.
Nowadays it’s the paddy which takes precedence of my visits over others when it comes to checking the health of the plants as it happens to be the newest family member among the fruiting trees and the leafy inhabitants which dwell on my vegetable patches. I occasionally sit down on my haunches, though it is painful as the body is no more used to such contortions, to check the leaf colour, stalks etc. or to pull the weeds, if any growing around.
Thankfully for the last couple of days it has raining heavily which I hope will be good for the crop.


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