Shell Value

Mangal, my farm hand, had a surprise this Sunday for me.
Let me go back before I reveal what it was.
For over a year now I’ve been delivering used coconut shells to my farm; having carried them from home. Coconut shells in my home are not consigned to the dust bins to be taken to a landfill away from the city. Every Sunday as I leave home to take the 7.08am Badlapur local wifey makes it a point to put the coconut shells in a carry bag along with the other things I carry to my farm including my lunch.
Over the months the pile of coconut shells has grown to attract notice of visitors. This Sunday I found the shells missing. Mangal has burnt them turning them into charcoal which I intend to use it as biochar.
I have spread the biochar alongside my coconut palms and mango trees. biochar


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