Spring in Switzerland

IMAG0571IMAG0596I know my friends in India may feel jealous as they read this post. I write this from Switzerland. While my fellow farmers and those who follow my blog are wilting due to the summer hear I enjoy the pleasant and salubrious weather of Switzerland.
Okay let me explain. In my original avatar I am a journo. My profession takes me to places and for nearly a decade I’ve been visiting Switzerland to cover the biggest jamboree of high-end luxury watches, called Baselworld.
No, I don’t own any luxury watches. I’ve just two plain and vanilla watches—one a Titan and another Citizen.
Its spring time Switzerland. The trees wearing the blossom and the meadows have become green one again. I’m in Basel, a city which has a history dating back to 1700. Here every street corner, traffic islands, parks, garden and window sill sports nature’s colour. After months of snow, as Robert Walser described “…There is no longer any sky, everywhere there is a gray, white snow. There is no longer any air, even that is full of snow. The earth no longer exists, it is also covered in snow and yet more snow. “ The earth having discarded the shroud of snow has become young, wrapped in a palette of colours—yellow, pink, lavender, magenta, blue, pale yellow and others.
You can see Primroses, Crocus, both yellow and blue, daisies, tulips.

This is the first spring in almost a decade I‘ve been visiting Basel that I’m enjoying spring, thanks to the sunny weather.


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