Mulberry Times

Years back, that is around five years back, when I planted a mulberry sapling in my farm I never realised that one day I would enjoy my maiden mulberry. Mulberry is called Tetu in Marathi and Shehtoot in Hindi.
melberryMarch is mulberry season. As the sun begins to ascend on the horizon birds flock to the Mulberry to have their dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants unlike us who would prefer chappatis, slices of bread or pizzas. Guess who are bird brains? Once the sun is down birds returning to their nests converge on my farm to have their fill of mulberry again.
Mulberry plants grow very easily. I have planted cuttings which have taken roots.


4 thoughts on “Mulberry Times

  1. Sadhana

    even iave a mulberry tree in my courtyard back home. They are called tuti in marathi. In my village there was a reshim kide kendra ie silk worm breeding centre and they had a large tuti farm. The silk worms munch on tuti leaves. Its their favourite food

  2. Dear Hirenjee, Good morning, i saw your article on Mulbery and wish to add something to it, we have made few Bonsai of it at our Mahabaleshwar Nursery and people like to have it becoz it bears lots of fruits and tasty fruits. as a horticulturist i would also like to add that you can make a very tasty Jelly from these fruits. process is so simple that you can make it at home and in a very short time.
    Dr.Rajendra Deshmukh

      1. hiraman

        Yogesh shahtoot is a plant easiest to grow. Cut some tender branches and thrust them in the soil. Now since it’s raining it will take roots within a week. In fact, let me share a secret with you: all plants which excretes a white SAP are easisest. Shahtoot, temple tree are some of them.

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