Mango Flowers

Last week when it drizzled in parts of Mumbai and Thane I mumbled a prayer in my breath: “Oh God don’t do this to my mango plants.”
I even told Dilip while he was driving me to work, “It doesn’t matter to the city dweller if it rains or not but for the farmer an untimely shower can surely destroy his crops.”
When Mangal told me it hadn’t drizzled in my farm I thanked the almighty for heeding my prayers.
1390620401751It’s been two weeks since my mango trees have issued their flowers. Going by bloom one is likely to deduce that it would be a bountiful harvest. But is never so. Only if the pollination is extensive and good can one reap a good harvest.
Bees have been frequenting my farm but I haven’t seen them visiting the mango flowers as yet. I plan to woo them by giving the mango plants a shower of jiggery water. Let’s see if it helps.


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