Its Spring

Sunday early mornings are both cruel and happy occasions. Cruel, for like the past six days I’m forced the leave the warmth of the bed to take on my avatar as a weekend farmer and a joyous occasion because I return with veggies home.
I leave with a hug and a promise to wifey that I shall keep in touch. Which I know I won’t be able to keep because the farm is beyond my phone’s network.
IMAG0281While seeing the sun peep through the coconut palms in my farm I sense what a good time I’m enjoying. The slight chill in the air makes me keep my sweater on; I had worn it while leaving home.
The grass and leaves are still wet with dew and sparkle each time they catch the sun. Mangal is tending to the carrot and methi patch.
I hear a swoosh followed by thwack on my left: It’s a rusted brown and a black bird, a pheasant crow, nearly three feet, from beak to tail tip, sitting on a cashew branch. As I move closer to capture it on my mobile phone camera it flies away.
IMAG0285The rattlepod plants adorned with its pale yellow flowers and the undulating green pods fetch a butterfly or two–coming in search of nectar. The jackfruit trees, of which I have two, have issued forth thumb-sized fruits, all shyly hiding between the leaves. Mangal tells me they are unlikely to mature and will soon fall off, followed by a fresh group of fruits.
The Moringa trees have not fruited this year. Will have to check it out with Jitubhai of Malegaon as what could be the reason? Passionate about Moringa, Jitubhai gives away Moringa leaf powder to people visiting his farm.
I leave the plastic chair to lie down on the heap of dry grass, twigs and leaves collected below the coconut palm. I stretch myself to watch the irregular shaped clouds moving slowly in the sky. No I don’t put the headphones on my ear leaving it bare wanting to hear the sounds which arise in the surroundings and those visiting it. The leaves rustle, the birds twitter and the river noisily passes by.
Its three days before Makar Sankrant which marks the transition of the Sun into the zodiac sign of Makara rashi (Capricorn) on its celestial path. Which means Spring is just three days away. May be that’s the reason I’m feeling happy.


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