My Banana Republic!

My farm has turned into a ‘Banana Republic’. Yes, I’m serious. No, it doesn’t have a tinpot dictator (you can’t call Mangal one) ruling the handkerchief-sized territory but with so many of the green coloured, fruit-laden bunches hanging I can’t think of calling it anything else. For the next six months, I fear that I will ‘go bananas’ you know why. Those of you who have read my previous posts are likely to sympathise. This Sunday I lugged three dozen bananas, two huge papayas, curry leaves, couple of guavas and a handful of lemons, and had tough time getting down the train and then walking almost a kilometre to hire an autorickshaw.
IMAG0040The moment wifey unloaded the contents of the bag on the floor, she almost screamed: “Phir se kela! (Bananas again!)” The neighbours may have overheard and a knock sounded on the door. It was the watchman informing: Saheb Kal Pani Nahi Aayega. My neighbours or fond of my farm produce. Why won’t anyone be? The produce is organically grown and delivered at their door for free! However, there are not many who appreciate green bananas but for the Bongs and the TamBrahm families.
Wifey by now has mastered the art of making banana chips and the family has been having bowlfulls of it during evening coffee.
Burdened with the fresh produce wifey (poor soul) has been forced to sit through the food channels fare, waiting for the Sanjeev Kapoors’ of the world to come up with a dish which has green bananas as the main ingredient. Two hours of incessant channel surfing she has yet to get lucky. She hasn’t given up though and last time I espied while she was on the comp, she had googled: Green Banana Recipes.
If she comes across recipes she hasn’t tried so far I shall share them with you. Meanwhile, if you have recipe/recipes to share. Do feel free. I assure you a bunch in return.


4 thoughts on “My Banana Republic!

  1. Atul Bajpai

    Hiren bhai, interesting story, i have asked shilpi to go and help bhabhi ji in chips making……India needs dedicated farmer like you…….lage raho boss.

  2. Anindita

    As you are a Bengali, you may have heard of “Kanch kawlar Kofta”? Also, green bananas are an integral part of Shukto. Just two suggestions.

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