De-husking Mystery

Its the first year KM has grown paddy in her farm, near Kamshet. She is proud of her Basmati and Ambemohr. The crop has been already been harvested. A week before that she had invited me to her farm. “You just have to move around the field where Ambemohr stands. Its like you’ve entered a mango orchard, so overpowering is the aroma,” she told me.
I couldn’t make it promising I will do so the next year.
Her paddy is organically grown. Just panchagavya and amritjal.
She tells me that she plans to send the paddy to the mill not now but four to six months later.
“I’m told that more you delay its dehusking you let the enzymes do their job. And secondly,it doesn’t attract pest.Only when it’s dehusked does it attract insects and spoils,” she tells me.
Can someone enlighten is that’s true?


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