Mango Tree Care

Time you took care of your fruit-bearing trees, especially mango. It’s Dussehra and the monsoon has left but for occasional showers which trouble you. Get your farm free of the grass which has occupied your plot following the rains. Don’t burn them you can use it later for mulching or depositing it in the vermicompost pit.

Once you’ve done through loosen the soil 2ft from the shadow of the canopy. Don’t dig the soil but loosen it. It’s done to let the secondary root to receive plenty of sun.

Next leave 4 parts of lime, preferably the rock variety, in a bucketful of water. Take one part of copper sulphate, make a poultice of it with piece of cloth and leave it hanging with a stick in a half bucket of water. Leave both lime and copper sulphate for three days. Do stir it often with a stick. On the fourth day mix four parts of lime and one part of copper sulphate in a bucket of water till you get a sky blue coloured liquid.

Now dip a brush in the sky blue liquid, take it out and paint the stem of the mango tree moving it from bottom to top. This is done to avoid insects to attack the fruit tree. You can do it with other fruit bearing trees too. 


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