Going Bananas

Those visiting us at home nowadays, well there are not that many, are taken directly to the inside room soon after they have been ushered. To show what wifey has put up. The kids call it installation art.
Once inside the guests gasp in wonder with the palm on their mouth: for there are dozens of raw bananas hanging from the windows, from the cupboard knobs etc.
Ever since I’ve brought bunches of raw bananas from our farm we generally used to store them in cardboard cartons, wrapped in old newspapers. It took a week or ten days for them to ripe. Bananas can make you go bananas: for all ripened at the same time. While the skin remained green, the fruit ripened. You cursed them for being ready-to-eat: for how many bananas can one eat in a day?
Last time I brought them home, I had four bananas a day for a week! If you didn’t finish them early you had no option but to bin them.
Wifey does her best to give us new banana avatars –making fritters, koftas etc. But how much can you eat so several of them go to our willing neighbours.
Coming back to installation art. On the advice of a farmer friend and delay the ripening we have hanging the bananas by a string discontinuing the earlier practice of putting them in a carton. Here is the picture of the installation.


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