Yellow Carpet

Copper-pod tree
Copper-pod tree
In our rush to carry on the business of life we miss the fragments of beauty strewn around us. Unable to recognize it we fail to enjoy its importance and splendour. Only when they are not around we will surely miss them. Come April you may have seen streets, roadsides and grounds of parks strewn with yellow flowers. I also noticed it recently after having read Common Trees by Dr H Santapau.
pavemntThe yellow flowers from the Rusty Shield-Bearer “not only cover the tree with a colourful halo, but are strewn on the ground beneath the trees to form a magic carpet of bright colours.”
The tree (Peltophorum Pterocarpum) also called the copper pod tree, is found in large numbers in our city, with a spectacular display of brilliant yellow blossoms. The flowering season commences at the end of February and reaches its peak in the middle of April. The canary-yellow flowers, with strangely crinkled petals, clustered on upright stalks at the end of branches, present a breath-taking view in summer. While still fresh, they fall off the trees, forming a radiant carpet of bright gold.
Excellent shade providers, they are home to golden orioles, coppersmith barbers, spotted doves, mynahs, squirrels, bats and lizards. The pollen and nectar attract bees and insects which in turn attract insectivorous birds.


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