April is Pink

PINK IS THE COLOUR,THIS SEASONThose visiting Mumbai during the nine-day long Navratri Utsav come across a phenomenon, which I would prefer to, call ‘colour shock’, in absence of anything better. For majority of working women who commute to their place of work are dressed in a particular shade. The colour coordination begins with the sixth day of the festival, with green. Then comes yellow, followed by red and blue. Be it the municipal offices, the State Government offices, the train platforms, the shopping malls, the schools and others places where women are seen or assemble are awash with colour. Most of them dressed in saris. These are the days when the drabness of the city is blanketed by a colour palette.
lilacIn a similar vein I think months to have their favourite colours. I would assign ‘pink’ to April. It’s the colour of flowers I have come across all over. The hint of bloom begins in the last week of March and matures in the following month. The colours are pink, mauve and lilac blooming everywhere. Roadsides, housing societies, parks and gardens and farms provided glimpse of this, provided you’re watching.
The first one is the Queen’s Flower.Can someone there help me identify the other one featured in the post or suggest names of other ‘pink’ plants?


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