Banana Dilemma

Those who do farming as a hobby, like me, are often faced with the dilemma once the tree they have nurtured for years begins fruiting. Like it happened with my ‘banana tree’ as they are popularly called. The banana plant is technically regarded as a herbaceous plant (or ‘herb’), not a tree, because the stem does not contain true woody tissue.
Last week I brought a banana bunch home which had around seven dozens of the raw fruit. The fruit will take a week to ripe. Meanwhile, wifey has been kind enough to make different types of dishes involving raw bananas. So far we have had five different dishes—the recipes of which she sourced after googling.
We’re still left with nearly five dozens of the fruit—all wrapped in newspapers and stored in the cupboard.
Coming back to the ‘dilemma’ part, what do I do when the bananas ripen? Because all five dozens are likely to ripen at the same time. With just four mouths in family how many bananas can we eat?
Now I realize, why a farmer is happy living in a joint family. For he has so much to share.

Dear Reader, If you’ve any raw banana recipes to share you’re welcome.


4 thoughts on “Banana Dilemma

  1. dnyanesh

    Hi …. in my farm in a bunch we get around 10 small sub bunches each having 12 to 15 bananas .. so around 120 to 150 .. get higher yield because of black soil so many time instead of cutting entire bunch I cut 2-3 sub bunches from bottom side and avoid Banana Dilemma.. you can try this..

  2. KN

    The banana stem is great to eat, here are a couple of recipes:

    Replace the pumpkin with the banana stem (cut into very small pieces) in this recipe:

    The latter recipe is also good with raw plantain, haven’t tried with other bananas. There are a range of Kerala recipes with raw plantain. Turning part of your banana corner to plantain would raise your recipe options!

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