Sadda Haak!

The fun part of farming is doing research on things not grown previously in your neighbourhood, study its possibility–meaning comparing the soil conditions and temperature congenial to its growth–acquire the seeds, sow them …. and wait for the miracle to happen.
hak Sag
Such a miracle happened in my farm some days back when I plucked the leafy vegetable, called Haak Sag.
I came to know of Haak Sag while researching on leafy vegetables and came across it. A member of the cabbage family, it has waxy surface and takes a far longer time to cook. Though confused with palak, its leaves resemble the cabbage. Thick and pale green. And not vibrant green as palak. Kashmir is one of the few places where Haak Sag is grown. The other place I know of is Portugal.
You know palak (spinach), mustard, methi (fenugreek greens), bathua, cholai (amaranth), kulfa, and shepu (dill). You haven’t heard of Haak? As far as I know it’s not available in Mumbai and its suburbs.
Haak is considered a delicacy in Jammu and Kashmir.
That was enough for me to seek out someone who could acquire the seeds. Checking out my contacts who belonged to J&K I came across AS. I have known him for the last two decades but settled in a Mumbai suburb.
A phone call was enough and I heard him say, “Jaroor, my wife will be visiting J&K soon. I will get them.”
And then he said that he hasn’t eaten it for ages. Only gets the opportunity to savour during his trips to his native place.
It has taken me around a month to grow them. Last Sunday, wifey made them with special masala, the details she accessed from the Net.


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