River Passes By

If you’ve a river for company—one which moves, but very subtly, as quietly as the clouds overhead you know that you’re in the midst of solitude. I had a similar experience, seated on a ragged boulder on the edge of river Barvi which moves along my farm plot. It meandered unnoticed and unhindered as the mid-day sun played hide and seek. I could see its depth, the tiny fishes moving without disturbing their surroundings. Not even forming a ripple. How wonderfully they do it? I wondered.

BarviI felt blessed, to have escaped from the maddening rush which we urbanites surrender ourselves too. I felt happy that I my mobile was ‘unreachable’ to my immediate world. I checked the sky and found couple of kites circling closer to a cotton-looking cloud. This suddenly made me realise that I was not alone.

Chalo sahab, Mangal announced having collected a bucketful of river sand breaking my reverie and the silence.


4 thoughts on “River Passes By

  1. That was an amazing post. A meandering river by your fields,cotton clouds, the rustling leaves, the crystal clear murmuring past the distance chirps are all to be felt to know the mystic effect on you. Do enjoy &have more peace.

    1. hiraman

      dear dnyanesh
      Thanks for visiting my blog. I don’t have any immediate plans for a book. But may be someday I will get interested in doing it.

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