Of Winged Wonders

2013-01-06-0190The yellow flowers of my Khulkhula (Showy Rattlepod) plants have withered. Their nectar stolen they have dried and dropped down.  It’s over a week now and the butterflies no more frequent it. A butterfly or two do come up in search of nectar but soon abandon it. On a closer look at the plants I saw strings of seeds hanging from the branches. In another month or so they too will dry up. I’ll have handful of  seeds which I intend to sow all over the edges once the rains set in June-July. Once the flowers bloom in November I’m sure I will get an eye full living in the company of the winged wonders. I plan to offer the seeds free to my neighbours too.

If any of you want Khulkhula seeds, you know whom to approach.

Also see http://wp.me/pAYA1-eG


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