Message on the Wall

Ever since I got engaged wholly to my farm (though it’s only on weekends) all my waking hours I wrestle with ideas to make the one-acre plot a ‘living’ entity. A sort of man-made forest where the birds, bees, insects, butterflies, squirrels, the crores of microorganism co-exist with the fruit bearing trees and vegetables growing on the ground. Whenever I visit a new place I try to seek out a nursery, a farm  or the vegetable sellers in my quest to lay my hands on seeds, saplings and local variety of vegetables and fruits.

During my recent trip to Dharwad I visited a plant shop owned by the Doddamani’s. The two sons and both parents are green thumbs. They have an awesome collection of ornamentals, creepers, climbers, bonsai’s, cactus, fruit bearing and flowering plants. No, I am not promoting it. I came across this poster on one of its walls which I would like to share with plant lovers and even those who aren’t.Wall


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