Nose Power

How do you know that what you are buying is organically grown?

Simple. Use your nose. You will find that it has a strong smell. At first you may be put off by it.

The spinach I plucked from the soil of my farm had a strong smell. Strong, meaning its aroma hits your nose. It’s unusual and may put you off initially because you haven’t experienced anything like this in life having bought chemically grown vegetables from your favourite mall or the neighbourhood vegetable vendor.

It’s just like rich soil. Rich soil high in organic matter has a real “earthy” rich smell to it. Yes, you can smell a rich fertile soil. It’s black or close too black in colour. I have not come across rich fertile soil that did not have a smell to it. But it’s a good smell, never smells bad. If soil has no smell to it then it is not “alive.” Live soil makes things grow as it has the bacteria for root growth etc.

Healthy soils are a complex web of life, teeming with earthworms, beneficial fungi and bacteria. They smell good and are moist and crumbly. Roots are able to penetrate easily, deep into the soil. Plants growing in healthy soils have fewer pest and disease problems.

Conclusively what grows in healthy soil smells strong too. If flowers can smell why not vegetables?


3 thoughts on “Nose Power

    1. hiraman

      thanks vasantji. Sometimes back I had mentioned you in my post on the importance of mulching. and since then i’ve following your advice.

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