Banana Spit Cure

The sting of an Indian wasp (Ropalidia Marginata) can be painful. And if the stings are several it’s as if your body is being rolled on a bed of thorns,literally. I realized this first hand recently when I approached the lime tree growing in my farm, to pick a solitary ripe and yellowing fruit. Unknown to me the fruit hung just above a swarming nest of wasps which Mangal showed me later.

As a swarm of wasps attacked me on my face and my bare arms I fled flailing my arms but they would not leave me. But ultimately they did but having stung me hard and leaving me in pain. I felt like a voodoo doll pricked by scores of needles.

In pain, I did what I had read sometime back. Breaking a piece of banana leaf I  thrust it in my mouth. Chewed it hard, spat the greenish liquid on my palm and applied it like a balm on my face and arms. The magic happened: the stings stopped hurting.

Having reached home I recounted the ‘sting incident’ to my family members. They tried searching the sting marks—there was no trace of them.

Do try it ‘banana spit’ if you receive an insect bite.


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