Banana Puris Wow!

It was really a burden. Finishing a 10-dozen banana bunch within a week! How much could you eat? It would have been a royal treat if you were a gorilla! I ended up eating two to three ripe bananas every day post lunch. And still there were more. Gave it to my office peons, our housing society watchman…
Had Banana Shake and all that, and still there was a dozen sitting in our kitchen table and blackening slowly. Unable to see them get wasted and deposited in the dustbin next day, I suggested to wifey : why not make banana puris?
In the morning I was in for a surprise–banana puris (banana pancakes) served with coconut chutney for breakfast. I gorged on six of them. Wow they were really great. Reminds me last time I had them when I was a kid and Ma used to make them for evening snacks.
Do you have any idea what one could do with ripe bananas? Do send me some recipes.


4 thoughts on “Banana Puris Wow!

  1. ary

    Banana jam is one of the simplest things to try with excess and overripe bananas. the internet has recipes but they can be tweaked to your liking especially with the quantity of sugar since we have the option of refrigeration now. Bake a cake using a banana in place of two eggs. These also keep well under refrigeration. Another immediate use – toasted banana sandwiches – slice the banana vertically to cover the bread slice well.

  2. KN

    Nice blog, sounds like you are near Mumbai, I would like to visit your farm if that is possible. I am more at the enthusiast level right now, but would like to get into farming at some point.

    Here is an interesting banana recipe, you can add more bananas than suggested, the flavour and consistency will change though. So try the given recipe first, and then raise the banana levels to see how you can optimize taste and banana usage.

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