Joy of Sharing

The phone rang. One ring, two, three and went to five. Well, it wasn’t the usual tring, tring… My caller tune is the famous Rafi song Diwana hua badal… Someone really was insistent. It was my friend of three decades: MVR.

“Dassera ki shubhkamnaye,” I heard him say. “I called you to say, thanks. I just finished had a banana from the half a dozen you had given. They were very sweet. And do you know I had a banana after nearly 15 years.”

I had shared some bananas from my farm and was happy to know that MVR had liked it. Someone telling you that he/she had liked the vegetable/ fruit which I had shared with them gives me immense joy. The joy of sharing is more valuable than earning couple of pennies from the market.

Mangal with the harvested bunch

Ever since I brought home some eight dozens of bananas–that was a bunch–I have been giving it away to friends, acquaintances and even my office boys. It bring me  happiness. First, because I was sharing the fruits of my labour. And second, because  they are all organically grown. Unlike what you get from the malls or the negihbourhood bhajiwallah, good looking and colourful veggies but laden with pesticide and rarely nutritious.


2 thoughts on “Joy of Sharing

  1. madhavi

    congrts that is one good looking bunch, I am sure you were happy to share with all,
    what variety is it ?
    could you share some tips on how to grow, have the cooking kind of banana at my home, the plant grows really big around 15 feet with large leaves but when it come to the frui they are small sized and nearlly not so many bunches or fingers.
    thanks for your help

  2. Happy, I was on the moon. Sorry, don’t know the variety. I can only say that it needs regular watering, fertilisers–once in three months, and lots of love and care. don’t worry, take things philosophically. some plants fruit well and some don’t. nature is like that. imperfect and unlike a factory produced. thanks for visiting.

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