Konkan’s Karanda

Mangal had told me, sometime in mid-July that he had sown some seeds of Karanda.

Karanda! And I had forgotten about it.  I had not given much thought to it. I didn’t pursue hoping once it fruits I would see it. Last Sunday when he picked the fruits from the climber spread all over, and even jumping to reach the branches of a neighbouring teak and handing me some I was in for a surprise. This was my first encounter with this monsoon growing vegetable which was indigenous to the Konkan belt.

Wanting to know if others were aware of it I posted a picture of the same on the Facebook. Most thought it looked like a chocolate. It was Konkan-hailing  UK who identified it as Karanda. Later I googled ‘karanda’ and hardly got any results. Instead, I was prompted to try ‘karaonda’.

How does one cook it?

‘Cut four pieces, boil it for 10-15 minutes, peel it and eat it like a potato adding some salt,’ said Mangal.

Ratnagiri born Govind cautioned me: ‘Some karonda are slightly bitter. Before putting it into your mouth, be sure it’s not bitter.’

Do mail me if you have come across karonda in your place.


2 thoughts on “Konkan’s Karanda

  1. sarikagurav@gmail.com

    It is a root which is generally seen in Konkan in Monsoon season, you can only boil this root with some salt peel the cover and eat it like sweet patato. It is from same family of Yam & elephant foot veggi, sometime it is very itchy when you trying to peel it before boiled them, but it is very tasty root.

  2. Seema

    Hi, I did find this exact thing somewhere between Goa and Karwar. I purchased this out of curiosity and found your page searching about this. Where can I email you the pic? I love to pick anything new that i find and research abt it. Esp in the Konkan region.

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