Saving Corn


It was raining, like it does in the opening days of September, in Thane but I had decided that I need to leave.  I had to visit my farm. It has been two weeks since I saw the growing corns, the yellowing figs, the papayas gaining their size and the bananas waiting to be harvested.

Corn or bhutta as it’s called is a favourite of my family during the rains. And so I was looking forward to my visit and returning with a bagful.

But it was not be.

For someone had already made a meal of them. In this case it was the winged variety.

“Parrots,” said Mangal. “They arrive in a bunch early in the morning or late in the evening and feast on the corns.”

This despite a scare crow wearing off-white coloured shirt.

Even Vermaji, my neighbour had a similar story. A man in his late sixties, he is resigned to the fate and very philosophical. “Bhai kya karen. Chalo inke nam likha tha (It was meant for them).

I do like the fact that birds, bees, cows (many a times they have jumped the wire fence and eaten away my palak) and other insects (snails too) visit my farm. Which also shows that I’ve created the right ambience and environment. Live and let live policy. But then I would also like to have some corns too. After all the efforts Mangal had put in.  How do I prevent the parrots to have it all without leaving anything for me?

I got these ideas after scouring the Net.

  • Spread a net on the crop which will dissuade the parrot.
  • Sock them. That’s covering the fruit with discarded socks. Sounds corny. That’s camouflaging them.

I’m going to try the later idea as I’ve plenty of used socks and hope to put them to good use.



2 thoughts on “Saving Corn

  1. What else can it be but corny, if the idea is to save the corn! I am nowhere near being a farmer but I have some doubts. Will the socks really fool the parrots? How will it affect the corn? Knowing your commitment to the “live and let live” policy, will it have any effect on other crops or the “ambiance” if the parrots sulk and decide to boycott your farm?

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