Bagful of Chillies

Our fridge since June has been over stuffed with green pepper: harvested from my farm. I planted scores of chillies, both hybrid and the traditional variety around the fruit plants.Every week I visit my farm I return with 5 to 7 kgs of  pepper.  Obviously we are unable to consume all of it. In fact, our daily consumption of green pepper is at the most 3 to 4gms. Which means 5 kgs of chilies will last us for 1666 plus days! Remember 5kgs added every week. Itna mirchi khaega kaun?

I’ve been distributing the chilies to friends, neighbours, our bai  and even the peon at my office. Readers of this post might say: Why not sell?  If you’re a grower only then do you encounter the hassle associated with it.

Last Sunday on our trip to Pune we visited my brother-in law and gifted him a polythene bag full of green chilies. He took out one and chewed its head off and later its tail as we looked aghast. Next time I plan to gift him Bhut Jolokia or Naga Morich without telling him about it. It’s the most spiciest  chilli around with one million Scoville Heat Units (SHU).

How does one get Bhut Jolokia? It’s easy if you’re in USA or UK. Just order it on the Net. In India, the land which gave birth to the hottest pepper it’s not easy to lay your hands on the same.

My friend SC has put me to a friend who works for a Assam-based newspaper. I emailed him few days back and am hoping to hear the good news. Till then let me harvest more chilies. And if you so want you know whom to contact.

Chances are that you’ll see me giving away chilli packets free at Thane station. Be at the entrance of platform no.2, between 6 and 7am and get your free packet of organically grown chilli. Yes, free.

How do you recognise me? Easy. Check out the man with a slight paunch, wearing a Color Plus blue-coloured T short with jeans.


6 thoughts on “Bagful of Chillies

  1. Madhavi

    GG or geek gardener has a website of the same name, he may have some seeds of Bhut Jolokia – he has recently opened a brick and motor store in B’lore so many possibilities are there for getting speciality seeds like bhut jolokia. Glad to see some vegetables growing even if it is green chillies. You should try and sell to the local vegetable vendor – they will definetly take it the ones selling on the carts

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  3. jayant bhat

    why not wait a bit till they start turning red then pluck and dry in the shade and you have red chillies, save a packet there. best of luck

  4. Vineeta Sharma

    Hi – I chanced upon this write up while looking for options on the internet for “where to plant a sapling in mumbai”. Actually my son’s 7th Birthday is coming up and i want him to celebrate it by planting some saplings where its needed the most. We have a lot of potted plants at home and also in the complex. Living in flats- we dont really have a patch of land where we can do this. Can you help . I want him to plant it where its really needed and then nurture it . I live in Thakur Village – Kandivali (east) – any help is welcome- please email me if you can

  5. Kamal

    Vineeta please read Preeti Patil’s blog titled Urban Leaves where she encourages all city owners to grow their veggies on window sills.

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