Mashed Moringa

Last Sunday I carried nearly 5 kgs of moringa pods (drum sticks) to home from my farm. I was visiting my farm after nearly two weeks.  I don’t stay away that long from my farm that but I couldn’t help because I was amidst thousands of Swiss-made watches at the watch show held at Basel, Switzerland.  I had a job to do: talking to the CEO’s, attending the launches and being shown through the novelties. All along I was missing my weekly chat with my favourite totapuri mango tree and the Muzzafarpur-born litchi plant and now growing at my farm.

I have two moringa trees which I planted some eight months back. I never realized that they will be the first to fruit, and have distributed the sticks to friends and colleagues. These moringa pods were fleshy which gave my wife the idea to try out a new dish. And she made what I would call, a moringa bharta. It was really palatable and had a crunchy feel.

Here is the recipe:

  • Cut the sticks into pieces and put them in a cooker. Remove it from the gas after three whistles.
  • Remove the sticks from the cooker. Let it cool. Squeeze the seeds from the sticks.
  • Add oil to a frying pan and fry diced onions, haldi and zeera. Add the seeds.
  • Don’t throw the water in which you cooked the moringa. Its rich in nutrition. You can use instead of plain water to cook   your dal.

3 thoughts on “Mashed Moringa

  1. Yaj

    Interesting! The most nutritious parts of the moringa are the leaves.It is touted as one of the latest superfoods.It is eaten as a leafy vegetable in many parts of the world including India.

    1. hiraman

      hello rajesh,
      You can get moringa seeds (drumsticks it’s known here) from shops selling seeds. But it’s better to grow them from a cutting. It takes roots very easily.

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