Basel Plants

Before I became interested in farming whenever I visited a new place I would scour the bookshops selling old titles. Who has the money to waste on a new title? when you can have handful of them of pre-owned books at the same price. Now with publishers sending books for review week after week I’ve   more books I can read in my life time. Still every month I read four to five books to churn out a 200-word review each. I’ve so many read and unread books that I’m waiting for a Good Samaritan who can relieve me of the tomes occupying valuable space in my library.

With my thirst for new books quenched by the new arrivals sent by the publishers (and the ones I buy) nowadays I visit plant nurseries in the cities I visit.  This time during my annual visit to attend Basel World, the annual Swiss watch show, I searched for shops selling plants. And I came across one just close to the Exhibition Square. I couldn’t buy the plants or the seeds for Indian airports bar entry of plant materials from abroad but went around clicking pictures of plants and garden sculptures. Here are some pictures I would like to share.


One thought on “Basel Plants

  1. Hi Hiraman, I totally understand where you are coming from because I also do a lot of reading myself and it can sometimes be very boring especially when you have started reading a book that is not interesting and you have to finish reading it. An interest in plants is not a bad way to spice up your life.

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