Farming Queries

I’ve been a weekend farmer for over three years now and still consider myself a newbie. There is so much to learn and know. I still get stumped when I encounter problems. Last July I had found that the leaves of my coconut palms were yellowing. I did not know whom to approach until I cajoled a horticulturist to visit my farm and by the time he left I was poorer by Rs 1000. It was the priciest advice I had asked for. He was at my farm for just 10 mins. My coconut palms look healthy.

In November I came across my fig plants dropping its fruits. Recently I found my lemon trees, now three years old, yielding no fruits. I have posted my query on a farming portal without any success.

Trees are fine. They grow on their own; take their own time to fruit. Four to five years mostly.

With so much vacant space around the trees I try growing vegetables with little success. I still do not know when and which vegetables to plant. When to give fertiliser. How to handle the pests etc.

If there could be a portal from bodies like Indian Institute of Horticulture Research or the many agriculture college who could give service as offered by of Australia. Gardenate makes it easier to keep your kitchen garden growing and producing. Each month the home page lists what you can plant now in your climate zone and what to prepare for next month. You can put your favourite planting guide in your pocket with the Gardenate app. The portal has planting calendar for Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and USA and climate zones. It has a facebook account too.

Can’t we have something similar for Indian horticulturists?


5 thoughts on “Farming Queries

  1. shetty

    You could check out hari bhari tokri.

    Also cordinate and see if you can learn from Saha Astitva (Ganeshpuri)

    You will get info from the net.

  2. V.kadal Amutham

    Plants can be cured by Homeopathy. If you could locate good homeopath in your area, he may be of help. But good homeopaths are hard to find. Give me the observations, I will try to choose the remedy. But the chance of successful cure is less since I am not direct in contact with the plant.

    But I could save few coconut tree from death by the application of Homeopathy

  3. Stanley

    I have a Coconut tree at home in Bangalore, It is about 30 feet in height and approx. 18 years old. Recently the leaves/seeds started drying up and now the top portion of the tree ( entire leaves/buds) fallen. Is there any way to medicate and get back to normal. please advice.

    1. hiraman

      thanks for writing stanley. I’m still learning and no expert. Its better you seek the help of a horticulturist. I will ask those I know and try to help.

  4. jayant bhat

    ask Pritham at PADWAL AGRICULTURE, he is a kindly soul and a farmer of repute who gives good advice and luckily for us also leans towards organic farming.

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