Mumbai’s Plant Show

If you’ve been to Mumbai Municipal Corporation organized plant, flower & vegetable show once you need not visit it again. It’s the same every year. Though this year’s show, postponed by a week due to the civic elections, was no different despite being in the 20th year. Organised by the country’s richest municipal corporation it hardly has any representation by individuals. Monopolized by corporate houses and realty czars there is nothing new. Almost every entry seems to have won an award. Why no one knows? In a city which hardly has space for gardens and parks we should thank there are some who like potted plants.

Sadly the representation by the civic body is zilch. Just a stall selling varieties of tulsi! People who visit the show they do it for the stalls selling saplings, garden equipments, organic fertliser, vermicompost etc. I came across a stall put up Jalpaiguri (Paschim Bango) based nursery selling Birds’ Nest fern. There were hardly any takers for this beautiful plant. Then there were nurseries hailing from Ratnagiri, Dapoli and Pune displaying mango saplings unaware that there would be hardly any takers for them. Where do you plant mango saplings in mango.

For most Mumbaikars shopping for saplings they zeroed on the potted plants—a rose, a zerbera or an aloe vera with hope of greening their windowsills. All along aware that’s what they can do to green the concrete jungle, called Mumbai.


5 thoughts on “Mumbai’s Plant Show

  1. Kamal

    If u would like a birds nest fern I could give u one. I have plenty of them. But they only grow superbly in partial shade.

      1. Kamal

        I live in Mumbai. Have lots of ferns at home. Will give u as many as u like. It would be a fair exchange as I have gained so much knowledge from u.

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