Mango flowers

Last Sunday when I visited I had the biggest surprise of my life as I went along checking out the plants. A routine I indulge in the moment I step into my farm.  I stroked them, hummed a favourite song, checked out if there were any weeds around, whether any pest had attacked, remove the dead leaves, watered them etc. While I approached these two mango trees–one a Rajapuri and another Haphus. Hardly five feet tall, I saw them ringed with  flowers and fragrant. In fact, the branches were stooping due to the weight of the flowers.

Having witnessed the ‘miracle’: for me it was one; I danced with joy and called for SS to share my happiness. We both were overjoyed. When I broke the news, on reaching home my wife started singing the famed abhang: mogar fulala, mogar fulala…


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