Growing Chilies

It’s a just a week since I planted some hybrid and traditional chili varieties at my farm. It’s my maiden experiment to grow both side my side. I have had couple of the traditional variety which gave me fairly good yield though not enough that I could fill a bag. The plants dried because for over month and half I have been was unable to water them.

While the traditional variety costs Rs 36 for 100gms., the hybrid variety is upwards of Rs 500.  The hybrid varieties have sexy names like Suharita, Sky Scape(grows skyward), Sigma, Shakira, Magma, Korea-Long, Big Mama, Anamika and Angarika. While the traditional one is plainly called Pusa Jwala. Jwala not misleading like the hybrid ones. Its likely burn your palate. Reminds me of Jyoti Bane Jwala, Jitu’s movie.


Now I realize that why poor farmers keep away from hybrids.

I was told that I could transplant them after a month and harvest the yield in another two months. I’m just counting the days and hoping to get a good yield and make some money. If that happens I’m going to reward my caretaker. Since last two years I haven’t made anything from the plot and tolerated my wife calling my farm a “white elephant.”

I pray I prove her wrong this time with my chilies.  Keep checking the blog I will keep you posted whether I have been able to money with my chilies.


2 thoughts on “Growing Chilies

  1. Naveen

    What transpired? I’d love to know.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, it is bookmarked and I’ll be a frequent visitor.

    And yes, I’d love to see more pictures along with the story, this is one area where I’m left unsatisfied. The more the merrier.

    1. hiraman

      Thanks Naveen for reminding. Will write a post soon. Have had a good harvest. Read it in the next post. Will add more pics too. Response like this make me write more often. Keep visiting.

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