Thanks Darwin

Charles Darwin in his book The Formation of Vegetable Mould, through the Action of Worms, with Observations on Their Habits gave the world its first understanding of the fundamental role of earthworms as geologic agents for the transport of soil- a picture of surface rocks being gradully covered by fine soil brought up from below by the worms, in annual amounts running to many tons to the acre in most favourable areas.  Darwin’s calculations showed that the toil of earthworms might add a layer of soil an inch to an inch and half thick in a ten-year period.

Ever since then farmers world over have domesticated the earthworms-using the crawlies to make vermicompost and reducing their dependence on chemical fertilisers. Congrats to the tribe for it shows they care for the earth. Soon I too will join the tribe.

My compost pit, made of Cuddapah stone slabs, is ready and waiting for its would-be residents. I have made elaborate plans. Beside plant materials I’m going too add crushed eggshells, dust collected from flour mills and tap water (for moisture).

I’m told that it takes nearly three months for the vermicompost to be ready. I raise a toast to Charles Darwin.


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