Keeping termites away

I came across this interesting news report which appeared in leading newspapers of three women farmers being felicitated for their scientific approach and acumen.

Laxmi Lokur, Teilang Rani and Bhagwati Devi were felicitated alongside 28 other “farmer scientists” from 18 States by the Centre for International Trade in Agriculture and Agro-based Industries (CITA) and the Department of Agriculture, Rajasthan.

The women were honoured for their innovative practices and scientific research to enhance crop yields, improve seed varieties and scale up soil productivity.

I regularly deal with termites which are present on my farm plot and so Rajasthan’s Bhagwati Devi who  “has invented a way to protect crops from termites by planting a variety of wood, locally known as safedi ki lakdi” caught my eye.

What is safedi ki lakdi? The report neither elaborates nor provides the botanical name.

A farmer friend from Rajasthan tells me safedi ki lakdi is nothing but safed musli (Chlorophytum borivilianum) which farmers’ plant along with Banana or Neem to keep away termites from their fields.


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