Collecting Scorpion venom

My friend, Sanjeev Goyal, an Internet junkie who makes a living  selling much sought after domain names (.com,.org,.in stuff), is a regular reader of this blog. Last time we met he told me about the domain which the late PM’s heir were interested in acquiring. Now, settled in a far off Mumbai suburb he spent his life, till he was in college helping his father in the family farm in Rajasthan.

The Goyals grew all sorts of crops and fruits. In fact, Sanjeev’s father sourced fruit trees from different parts of the country. He proudly claims that his guava tree gave the best fruits—the flesh of the fruit is pink in colour. Also known as Lalit, among horticulturists.   Which he misses most now.

My memory still fresh with Mangal, my caretaker, bitten by a scorpion few days back I asked Sanjeev whether they encountered scorpions in their farm.

“Don’t ask me. There were plenty,” exclaimed Sanjeev.

How did they deal with them?

“We used to catch the scorpions with a 2ft long iron tweezers, put them in glass bottles and close its lid. Not used to its new home the scorpion would strike on the glass repeatedly depositing its venom. In fact, you could see its tail being drained of venom steadily  and becoming  colourless.”

What did they do with the venom?

“Simple. Kahate Hain Na Jehar ko Jehar. Whenever anyone was bitten we used the bottled venom as an antidote,” concluded Sanjeev. “After the scorpion had done its job we released it.”

I’m going to share this with Mangal and prepare him for scorpion bites, if he does get bitten in future.

5 thoughts on “Collecting Scorpion venom

  1. Leeladhar

    • It is really inspiring seeing how your farm has progressed. I came across your blog yesterday and since then I have spent almost 10 hours reading every post, and also making note.
    • I am interested in farming without any knowledge about farms, and your blog has given me the knowledge to start my own farm.
    • I have similar plans, which uptil now were just fantasy. thanks for the inspiration .
    I would love to visit my farm when I am in mumbai next

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