Bountiful Tapioca

At a pace of four titles a months I may have read some 50k books by now, I presume. May be more. May be less. Most of them read while I’m commuting to work. What else do you do? Obviously not, wasting time watching a movie on your smart phone or just chattering away inconveniencing co-commuters. Ask me the author and his books; it’s very likely that I can rattle the books s/he has written. That’s only thing I may have done living in a city, travelling abroad extensively and making a livelihood centered on an urban landscape with concrete structures.

tapioca plant

My weekly visits to my farm makes me I realize that I know so less about plants. Though I have been around quite sometime now I struggle still to identify between a plant and its fruit though I have taken it as my food.  Ignorance which became more apparent when Mangal, my farm’s caretaker, last year around the month of September pointing to a bush type tree which was taller than a single storied building: “We will eat its fruit after Diwali”.

He named the tree, which did not make any sense to me. I mumbled something indicating to Mangal that “we will see” In the last week of October when he dug up the roots of the tree I came to know it was called Tapioca. But that too only after I had googled details of the fruit. That was a year back.

Rains have fed the tapioca and it has again grown tall and big, like it was last year. Two months of now Mangal will again dig up the roots and will feast on them. I’m not fond of tapioca but if anyone wants a piece of tapioca, do visit my farm. You can see the tapioca tree and its fruit.

What is good about tapioca is that once you’ve planted a branch it continues to propagate and offers it fruits for years. Isn’t nature magnanimous?

Reminds me what St. Bernard de Clairvaux wrote: “ Believe one who knows: you will find some thing greater than in books. Trees and stones will teach you that which you can learn from masters.”


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