Poultry Manure

On my way to my farm I regularly come cross an Emu farm and have always wanted to visit it out of curiosity. But haven’t done it so far because I’m always in a hurry. Either to reach the farm, having kept away for over a week, and on my way back home not wasting a minute so that I can catch  the next local. Having read a report on the benefit of using chicken poo, I intend to visit the farm and shake hands with the Emus! Meanwhile, I have asked my village friends to check out poultry farms in our neighbourhood and their willingness to sell poultry manure.


Because floriculture and horticultural crops respond well to poultry manure. Crops absorb the nitrogen in poultry manure similar to urea. So they need lower doses and proper irrigation.

Poultry manure is a more concentrated source of crop nutrients, especially NPK and calcium. Being naturally organic, it does not need composting and can be applied directly to the fields from the farm, said Prof. D. Narahari, former Head, Poultry Science, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chennai to The Hindu.

“The fertilizer value of one tonne of dried cage poultry manure is equivalent to 100 kg urea, 150kg super phosphate, 50kg potash, 125kg calcium carbonate, 30 kg sulphur, 12 kg sodium chloride, 10kg magnesium sulphate, 5kg ferrous sulphate, 1kg manganese sulphate, zinc sulphate and other trace minerals each and is available at a cheaper rate than other market available inputs,” explains Prof. Narahari.


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